Rackets (Paddles), Balls, Bag, Clothing, Accessories and more.


iamracketsports is your premier supplier for all your racket sport needs. We carry beach tennis, pickleball and padel. Find rackets, paddles, clothing, balls, nets, lines, grips and other accessories. We have all your favorite brands. For beach tennis we have Sexy, Vision, DropShot, Rakkettone, Shark, Turquoise, Quicksand, MBT, HP, Heroes, Solar, Nox, Kona, Mormaii, Ocean Air and more. For pickleball we have Diadem, Dingk, Selkirk, Rokne, Crbn, Engage, DropShot, Adidas, Joola, Legacy and more.  If you're shopping for beach tennis, pickleball or padel we stock it all.  If in the rare case we don't have something you want, send us a message and we will work to get it for you.

We are Authorized dealers of all the brands we sell. We offer local pickup/delivery in Miami Beach, FL. and ship/deliver anywhere in the USA, Puerto Rico and worldwide* (exclusions apply).

Physical store address: 

6308 NW 2nd Ave

Miami, FL 33150

Open Mon-Fri 12pm to 4pm and Saturdays 12pm-6pm. 

Mission Statement

Beach Tennis, Pickelball and Padel are growing worldwide and at "iamracketsports" we are passionate about these sports and want to help them grow.

Our purpose is to spread the joy and passion that is beach tennis, pickleball and padel far and wide. Supporting clubs and individual players is how we do this.   We carry everything a new beach tennis, pickleball and padel club would need to get started, High quality nets and lines, balls, equipment and paddles.

Let us supply your beach tennis, pickleball and padel needs so you can also help the sports grow.



The iambeachtennis Pro Team is made up of 7 local players, including seasoned pros as well as up and coming young players. South Florida is a dynamic melting pot of cultures and iambeachtennis embraces this. With sponsorships iambeachtennis aims at promoting the sport in South Florida and across the United States and helping athletes achieve their goals. 

Follow our Team of sponsored players on Instagram to see how we are trying to grow competitive beach tennis in the USA.


Get the equipment you need to play your most effective game.

Rackets (paddles), balls, nets, lines, bags, clothing, accessories and more.