How to choose your beach tennis racket/paddle by iamBeachTennis.  Image of a beach tennis player serving with a beach tennis paddle. BT racket brand is Vision.

How to choose your beach tennis paddle

Need help choosing aΒ beach tennis paddle? iamBeachTennisΒ is here to help! Here are some things you should consider in selecting your new beach tennis racket / racquet / paddle.
iamBeachTennis - image of two male beach tennis players playing a beach tennis rally. Players are holding professional Vision and advanced Rakkettone beach tennis rackets/paddles/racquets..

How to play beach tennis

First time playing beach tennis?Β iambeachtennisΒ is here to help you learn how to play!
What is Beach Tennis Blog post by iamBeachTennis store - Players at beach tennis courts.

What is beach tennis?

Are you new to beach tennis and curious to know more about the sport? Find out how beach tennis originated, what type of ball and racket is used, and more.