Drop Shot SAKURA 3.0 BT Beach Tennis Paddle

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Drop Shot Sports SAKURA 3.0 BT 2023 Beach Tennis Racket Essential Line

The new collection of Drop Shot BT 2023 paddle rackets has a wide range of beach tennis rackets to help you find the one that best suits your game. All our models are born from the idea of ​​satisfying the needs of our players and exceeding any of their expectations. The Racket Drop Shot Sakura 3.0 BT, a model intended for those players of beginner - medium level. Drop Shot Essential Line.

Fiber SS Glass and Spin Coating technologies are used on the face, which, combined, allow this Drop Shot SAKURA 3.0 to be given a pricy hit with extra output thanks in part to its lightness, which will make it easier for you to score.

Thanks to the rubber of its inner core, which has greater hardness and elasticity, greater control and dominance of the ball is achieved during the game.

The DropShot Sakura 3.0 BT Racket shows off the brand's logo in a striking blue color on its face, which combines the name of the brand and the line in green, on red details that are superimposed on the elegant black tone of the background.

Technologies Drop Shot Sakura 3.0 BT

  • FIBERGLASS SURFACE: Drop Shot uses SS Glass quality, which is a stronger and more elastic fiberglass, providing improved strength and playability to our raquets.

  • EVA PRO: It is a rubber of greater hardness and elasticity, which provides greater control in experienced players, providing a greater ball touch.

  • SPIN COATING: Coverage of acrylic particles stuck on the surface of the blade, to provide a greater effect on the ball in the shots where it should be given maximum effect, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.

  • SMART HOLES SYSTEM: System of distribution of holes in the face of the blade, in a curved, progressive way and that provides a better development of the mechanical forces at the moment of striking, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.

Msrp: $109.96

Brand:Drop Shot  Shop Drop Shot on iamBeachTennis.com
Technology:Spin Coating, Smart Holes System, Power Beam Heart, Designed in EU
Core:EVA Pro
Face texture:Spin Coating
Thickness/Profile:22 mm
Weight:340 +/- 10 grams
Grip:4-1/4" - Grip 2
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:No
Warranty:Manufacturer 4 month limited warranty