Kona MAVERICK LEMON 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle

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2023 Kona MAVERICK LEMON Professional Beach Tennis Racket

The Kona MAVERICK LEMON racket is made of 3K carbon, with a 22mm profile and Soft black EVA.



Technologies of the Kona MAVERICK LEMON 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle

Technology: Anti Shock System
Brand:Kona Beach Tennis  Shop Kona Beach Tennis on iamBeachTennis.com
Level:Professional / Advanced
Balance:Medium  - 25 - 26 cm
Technology:Anti Shock System
Frame:Carbon 18K
Core:EVA Soft - Black
Face:Carbon 18K
Face texture:Glossy
Thickness/Profile:22 mm
Weight:335 +/- 5 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:Yes
About Kona
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The Brazilian brand KONA offers elegant and state-of-the-art Beach Tennis & Pickleball rackets.

Every KONA paddle is developed in partnership with top professional beach tennis players from around the world to meet your needs. Kona beach tennis rackets are lightweight and known for their speed, sensitivity, precision and control. Top BT players like Gerard Rodriguez, Airton Rodrigues, Javi Mendez, Flavia Muniz, and Nati Font use KONA.

With Kona you are ready for big wins.