Nox Antomi Ramos TEAM AR10 Racket Bag



NOX Racket Bag TEAM AR10

The brand new Antomi Ramos personalized paddle bag! If you want to have all your beach tennis stuff in tournaments and trainings as our number one, this is your raquet bag! Designed with Antomi and made with best materials and awesome colors!

  • Special compartment designed for 2 rackets with Thermo Protect. Main compartment where you can store all you need. Lateral pocket for personal belongings.
  • With padded shoulder straps to be used as a backpack.
  • It has an output for headphones.
Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 55x30x24cm
Capacity 44 Liters
Color Black, Blue, Orange
Material 100% Polyester
About NOX
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NOX is one of the top beach tennis in brands the world. The Spanish brand has taken the experience it gained manufacturing padel rackets over 14 years and now, together with the best players in the game, designed cutting-edge beach tennis paddles just for you.

NOX beach tennis rackets offer maximum performance, comfort and design, allowing players to give their maximum effort and achieve the highest results on the sand.

One of the greatest BT players of all time, Antomi Ramos, as well as former number 1 women's player, Maraike Biglmaier, use NOX.

Unleash your potential with NOX