Sexy SXY BLADE Professional Beach Tennis Paddle

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SEXYBrand SXY BLADE Beach Tennis Racket

Power: 10 || Control: 9 || Defense: 9

THE SXY BLADE is truly different. We hope you enjoy this groundbreaking paddle.  We have spent years designing, testing, prototyping and perfecting this ultra unique beach tennis paddle.

The SXY Blade is the first beach tennis paddle to ever come close to matching the feel of an actual tennis racket with strings!  It is unreal. Tennis players that transition to beach tennis will fall in love with our exclusive and patented design which features a hitting surface that is a bit over 1mm thick as opposed to 20-22mm!!

"It's always impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela

*The SXY Blade has a slightly smaller face and is perfect for competitive players wanting an extra precise feel. (Similar to how some tennis players choose a 100sq inch racquet over a 105sq inch racquet)

Player Feedback from 7x World Champion Alessandro Calbucci:

"I played an ITF event with the SXY Blade and it is AMAZING!  This is the future! - Alessandro Calbucci

Brand:Sexy Beach Tennis  Shop Sexy Beach Tennis on
Level:Professional / Advanced
Technology:Face: 73sq in, SXY NanoGlass™, SXY MicroFoam™
Frame:Fiberglass & Carbon
Core:SXY MicroFoam™
Face:Carbon 3K, SXY NanoGlass™
Face texture:
Weight:335 +/- 5 grams
Shape:Slightly Smaller - Face: 73sq in
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:Yes