First time playing beach tennis? iambeachtennis is here to help you learn how to play! The rules of beach tennis are simple.

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Beach tennis can be played as a singles game, although it is predominantly played as a doubles game.


Scoring in beach tennis is similar to tennis. To win a game, you have to score four points. Score is kept as follows: 15 (first point), 30 (second point), 40 (third point) and then the fourth winning point.

In beach tennis, you score a point every time your ball hits the other side’s sand. Unlike in tennis, the ball does not bounce! There are also no advantages in beach tennis. This means that if the score of a game is tied at 40-40 (called “deuce”), the winner takes the game!

In beach tennis, each set is played to 6 games. Beach tennis matches are best of 3 sets, with the third set played as a 10-point super tie break.


Beach tennis players serve from behind the baseline. Don’t touch the line on your serve or it’s a foot fault! Different from tennis, the serve in beach tennis does not have to go diagonal – you can serve straight. You also don’t have to alternate your service side in beach tennis. You can serve from either the left or right side on each serve – it’s the server’s choice! Be careful though: there are no second serves and no lets in beach tennis – if the ball hits the net and goes over, it’s play on!


In beach tennis you’ll see some shots common to tennis like the smash, the kick and slice serves, and the drop shot. But you will also see some shots that are very unique to beach tennis like the “push shot”, the “windmill” and the “windshield wiper”.


Are you ready to play some beach tennis now? Pick your paddle and hit the sand!


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Pictured athlete: Lucas Fabeiro @luca_fabe_