Adidas 2023 METALBONE HRD 3.2 Padel Racket



Adidas 2023 METALBONE HRD Padel Paddle/Racket

Do you want more power in your shots? Then the new METALBONE HRD 3.2 is your racket. It contains the same technology the METALBONE 3.2 but with one key difference – the inclusion of the harder and more compact HIGH MEMORY EVA rubber inside. Because of this feature, along with the 2-1 ALUMINISED CARBON surface, when you are playing you array of shots, you’ll notice a difference in power. However, this racket isn’t just about power. It also features many of the other technologies that make Metalbone rackets a popular choice. The OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE frame technology increases the racket's structural rigidity, making it firmer. Embedded withing the face of the racket, the SPIN BLADE system provides even greater control of your shots, while the WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM technology can be used to customize the balance with the removable weight system in the heart of the racket. With so much technology and so many options to personalise the racket to suit your game, it is no surprise that this is the racket chosen by Ale Galán, the number one player in the world.


Characteristics of the Adidas METALBONE HRD 3.2 2023 Padel Racket/Paddle

  • Product Type: Padel Paddle
  • Level: Advanced / Professional
  • Shape: Diamond Oversize
  • Length: 455mm
  • Thickness: 38mm
  • Face/Surface: Carbon Aliminized 2 T0 1
  • Center/Core: Eva Soft Performance
  • Weight: 345 - 360 grams
  • Balance: High
  • Balance Point: 285mm

Technologies of the Adidas METALBONE 3.2 Padel Racket/Paddle

  • Octagonal Structure: incorporates octagonal tubes around the frame, offering increased power.

  • Spin Blade: technology in the form of an octagonal honeycomb allows you to add great spin and improve the feel of the ball

  • Smart Holes Curve: for adding greater spin to your shots

  • Structural Reinforcement: carbon reinforcements intertwined throughout the structure allows a high resistance to torsion even in your most aggressive shots.

  • Weight & Balance System: allows you to customize and modify the weight and balance of your paddle.


Technologies of the Adidas 2023 METALBONE HRD 3.2 Padel Racket

Technology: Octagonal Structure, Spin Blade Octagonal, Smart Holes Curve, Structural Reinforcement, Weight & Balance System, 3M Metalbone protector
Brand:Adidas  Shop Adidas on
Level:Professional / Advanced
Balance:High - 28.5 cm
Technology:Octagonal Structure, Spin Blade Octagonal, Smart Holes Curve, Structural Reinforcement, Weight & Balance System, 3M Metalbone protector
Frame:Carbon Aluminized
Core:EVA High Memory
Face:Carbon Aluminized
Thickness/Profile:38 mm
Shape:Diamond Oversize
Length:45.5 cm
Weight:352 +/- 7.5 grams
Includes Cover:No
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