Bullpadel VERTEX 04 COMFORT 24 Padel Racket



Bullpadel 2023 VERTEX 04 COMFORT 24 Padel Racket/Paddle

The Vertex 04 Comfort is a diamond-shaped racket with a rough Top Spin surface which offers maximum power and high performance without loss of control. It is designed for professionals and advanced players.

It incorporates two new frame concepts.

Crafted with advanced technology, the racket incorporates two innovative frame concepts. The CURVAKTIV system, with its rotated structure, provides resistance against twisting. This allows for a variable section on the side of the racket, enhancing rigidity while ensuring uniform stress distribution.

The AIR POWER channel, an evolution of the Air React Channel system, further supports this improved distribution of vibrations and stresses. By utilizing a hollow area in the lower side of the blade, the structure gains strength and durability.

Its external core is made from Fibrix hybrid fibre, its internal core from the new MultiEva that consists of 2 different Eva densities, and its frame from 100% carbon fibre CarbonTube. It has the new Vertex core.

Characteristics of the Bullpadel VERTEX 04 COMFORT 24 Padel Racket/Paddle

  • Product Type: Padel Paddle
  • Level: Advanced / Professional
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Thickness: 38mm
  • Face/Surface: Fibrix hybrid fibre
  • Center/Core: MultiEva
  • Frame: Carbon Fibre Carbontube
  • Weight: 360-370 gm
  • Balance: High

Technologies of the Bullpadel VERTEX 04 COMFORT 24 Padel Racket/Paddle

  • Multieva: Internal core that consists of 2 different Eva densities.

  • Fibrix: A hybrid fibre consisting Of X-Glass and Carbon. This bi-directional composite provides more elasticity to the Core increasing comfort and feel.

  • Carbon Tube: 100% bi-directional interwovencarbon fiber frame.

  • Top Spin: Rough, sandpaper surface to increase the grip and spin on the ball.

  • Custom Weight: A maximium of 3 Aluminium Adhesive Plates, each weighing 3 grams, can be placed, in the Metalshield Protector compartments, allowing a change Of weight and balance.

  • CurvakTic: This innovative frame structure resists twisting, ensuring stability and control in every swing. By introducing a variable section on the side of the racket, Bullpadel enhances rigidity while maintaining uniform stress distribution.

  • Air power: A channel created using a hollow area on the lower side of the paddle, this feature provides a robust structure, minimizing deformation and maximizing strength.

Level:Professional / Advanced
Technology:CUSTOM WEIGHT System, METALSHIELD Protector, FIBRIX External Core, MULTIEVA Internal Core, AIR POWER System, CARBONTUBE Frame, TOPSPIN surface
Face:Fibrix hybrid fiber
Weight:365 +/- 5 grams
Thickness/Profile:38 mm
Includes Cover:No