Diadem EDGE 18K POWER PRO Pickleball Paddle



Diadem Sports Pickleball Edge 18k Power Pro 2023 Pickleball Paddle

The Diadem Edge 18k just got a powerful friend in the Edge 18k Power Pro Model. Designed to enhance power while maintaining spin, this new model includes Diadem's Core Molding System (CMS) or Thermoformed construction.

With CMS the entire paddle is hot press molded and injected with foam around the edges for control, stability, and comfort. Most importantly, CMS provides power for those players who want the state-of-the-art 3D 18k carbon fiber spin machine, but also want the extra pop of a thermoformed paddle.

Along with the Thermoformed construction, this Power Pro Model also includes a longer handle at 5.7" long so you will have plenty of room for a secondhand. Designed for the high-level player in mind, players have access to more power and more reach with the Edge 18k Power Pro Model.

The Edge 18k Power Pro also includes the Edge Shield Pro edge guard. This edge guard enhances the paddle's durability without sacrificing its sleek aesthetics. The extra lip of high-density plastic on the corners gives you protection from the ground and paddle scrapes for longer-lasting durability.

Whether you are a weekend warrior looking to take your game to the next level or a top 10 pro on the PPA/MLP/APP/NLP/EPP/JPP/YXP Tours, the Edge 18k Power Pro is the most technologically advanced paddle on the market, crafted for power and spin.


Paddle Characteristics: Diadem Edge 18k Power Pro  2023 Pickleball Paddle

  • Product type: Pickleball Racket
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Size: 16.4" x 7.5"
  • Balance:   240mm
  • Thickness:16mm
  • Surface: 3D 18k Carbon Fiber
  • Center: Honeycomb - 8mm
  • Edge: Edge Shield Pro Protector
  • Weight: 8.0 oz
  • Grip Length: 5.7 in
  • Grip Size: 4 1/8 in

Technologies of the Diadem EDGE 18K POWER PRO Pickleball Paddle

Technology: Edge Shield Pro Protector, 3D 18k carbon fibre surface, Hot press molded,Foam injection, Core Molding System
Brand:Diadem Sports Pickleball  Shop Diadem Sports Pickleball on iamBeachTennis.com
Level:Professional / Advanced
Balance:Medium High - 240mm
Technology:Edge Shield Pro Protector, 3D 18k carbon fibre surface, Hot press molded,Foam injection, Core Molding System
Face:Carbon 18K 
Core:Polypropylene Honeycomb 
Face texture:3D Face 
Weight:8 oz
Frame:Edge Guard Protector
Thickness/Profile:16 mm
Handle Length:5.7"
Includes Cover:No
Warranty:Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty
About Diadem Sports
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Diadem Sports is a Pickleball Brand founded in 2015 in Florida.

Diadem was founded with a single goal of creating innovative and high-quality products to help players maximize their performance. Diadem's extensive research and rigorous testing process ensures that every product developed meets superior levels of quality.