DinGK Pickleball PRO TOUR RACQUET BAG in Blue

The Pro Tour Backpack will give you comfort, durability, and space for your pickleball equipment. The Backpack is designed to efficiently store, paddles, balls, apparel, and beverage. Our storage will keep your equipment safe and secure during travel. There are 3 different colors (BLACK, WHITE, and BLUE).

Weight 0.77 kg
Dimensions 20 x 13 x 11 inches
Color Blue
Material 100% polyester
Style / Type Sports, Formal
About Dingk Sports Pickleball
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diNGK Sports, Inc. is a Pickleball Brand founded in 2019 in Florida.

diNGK Sports, Inc., has designed and engineered a one of a kind paddle that match the player’s performance and unique style. diNGK's design features an 8K Carbon Fiber Face that delivers power, strength, quicker hand speed, and durability. Our Polypropylene Polymer core design gives the soft touch with defined accuracy.  Our Anti-Sweat soft grip allows for high-performance control of the paddle. USAPA Tested & Approved - diNGK Sports, Inc., pickleball paddles are being used by professional for all USAPA & Sanctioned Tournament play.