Drop Shot CANYON PRO 1.0 Professional Padel Paddle



Drop Shot Sports CANYON PRO 1.0 2023 Professional PADEL Racket (Competition Line)

During this new season Pablo Lima, one of our great promises, will wear the new Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 Paddle, a model of quality and sublime finish. Power, control, versatility and high performance are the hallmarks of this padel paddle.

Pablo Lima, fights to occupy the top positions of players worldwide, and therefore for the realization of the Pala Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 we have taken into account each of his demands. It is a number one paddle for a number one.

Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 is intended for professional and advanced players looking for a balanced padel racket that gets the most out of offensive hitting and shows off its strong personality in the definition.

The model has been made taking care of every millimeter and bets on a teardrop format, a medium-high balance to optimize the hitting and an extensive and wide sweet spot to minimize the margin of error. Balance and sophistication in every hit.

For his confession, top quality materials have been used, including; double tubular carbon, faces that combine the TeXtreme 24K, 24,000 monofilaments per carbon thread with an inner core of Eva Pro, a medium density rubber, high recovery and sophisticated memory. In addition, it has 3D Face roughness on the faces to improve the effects and Smart Holes System to enhance the impact zone.

The Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 paddle that shines for its construction, but also for its aesthetics. Elegant, dynamic and sporty in equal parts, this padel racket looks on a somber black background that contrasts perfectly with the gold and orange details that decorate their faces. They are also finished with the printing of the logo of the line and the signature of Pablo Lima.

It boasts of paddle as does Pablo Lima, one of the great promises of the world of paddle.

Drop Shot Canyon Pro 1.0 Technologies

Avant-garde and evolution are two terms that perfectly define the philosophy of Drop Shot. This new season we have incorporated into the production of our products some of the technologies that have most revolutionized the padel market.

For the design and subsequent production of the Drop Shot Canyon pro 1.0 paddle we have started from the following technologies:

  • 24K CARBON RECTANGLE: last generation of 24K, 24,000 filaments. Developed by T-Extreme with rectangular format, for a greater mechanical action of flexion and reaction producing a faster reaction at the time of hitting the ball. In addition, being rectangular plates, they provide more stability to the face of the blade, giving it a more homogeneous blow and greater resistance.

  • TEXTREME TECHNOLOGY: Extra fine and flat carbon with 24,000 carbon filaments per thread, resistant and flexible. Ideal for rackets with maximum control and power. The rackets made with this material enjoy excellence in the game, giving the player an extreme ball feel.

  • EVA PRO:  It is a harder rubber than Eva Soft and less than Eva Tech, its elasticity provides greater control in experienced players, providing greater touch and ball output, with a medium-high ball speed.

  • 3D FACE: 3D Texture in rhomboid shape, exclusively designed by Drop Shot, to provide a greater effect to the ball in the strokes where the ball should be given maximum effect, specially designed for aggressive players in their game.

  • ERGO PRO PROTECTOR: Nylon protector adhered to the racket, without perforation of the frame so as not to weaken it. Very light and replaceable. Protects from possible hits in low volleys and hits against the wall.

  • SMART HOLES SYSTEM:  Hole distribution system on the face of the racket, in a curved, progressive shape and that provides a better development of mechanical forces at the time of hitting, helping to give effect to the ball and improving the reduction of vibrations.

  • LOOK:  Iridescent, it changes the color of the blade depending on the light it receives, enhancing its elegance and technology

MSRP: $339

Brand:Drop Shot  Shop Drop Shot on iamBeachTennis.com
Level:Professional / Advanced
Balance:Medium High
Technology:24K Rectangle Carbon, Twin tubular System, TeXtreme, 3D Face, EVA Pro, Curv 360° Armor, Smart Holes System, Ergo Pro Protector, Silicone Grip Channel, Cork Cushion Grip, Power Beam Heart, DS Pro Layer, Designed in EU
Face:Carbon 24K
Core:EVA Pro
Face texture:3D Face
Weight:370 +/- 10 grams
Length:45.5 cm
Thickness/Profile:38 mm
Includes Cover:Yes
Warranty:Manufacturer 4 month limited warranty