Drop Shot FANCY 1.0 BT Beach Tennis Paddle



Drop Shot Sports FANCY 1.0 BT Beach Tennis Racket

Perfect for the young Beach Tennis player Drop Shot FANCY 1.0 BT Beach Tennis Paddle! Low balance and fiberglass offer a lightweight feel and consistent performance, while EVA Soft offers comfort and feel in every swing.

This racket is perfect for the young beginner looking to bounce into the world of beach tennis. It's designed in EU.


Technologies of the Drop Shot FANCY 1.0 BT Beach Tennis Paddle

Technology: Spin Coating, Designed in EU
Brand:Drop Shot  Shop Drop Shot on iamBeachTennis.com
Technology:Spin Coating, Designed in EU
Core:EVA Soft
Face texture:Spin Coating
Thickness/Profile:18 mm
Weight:340 +/- 10 grams
Length:45 cm
Includes Cover:No
Warranty:Manufacturer 4 month limited warranty
About Drop Shot Sports
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Drop Shot is a Spanish Beach Tennis, Padel and Pickleball brand that distributes to over 20 countries. Drop Shot Sports has been designing high-end racquets since 2011. Top professional beach tennis players like World Champion, Nikita Burmakin, and Italian star, Nicole Nobile, play with Drop Shot.