Drop Shot MAUI 3.0 BT 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle



Drop Shot Sports MAUI 3.0 BT 2023 Beach Tennis Racket

The Drop Shot MAUI 3.0 BT is the new 2023 update of DropShot's popular MAUI 2.0 BT Beach Essential Series Line of Beach Tennis Paddles. DS Fiber Frame. 18mm Profile. 47cm lenght. EVA Soft Memory Foam core provides resilience and a large-sweet-spot.

This is the ideal paddle for young beginner players looking for a light-weight and affordable paddle.


Technologies of the Drop Shot MAUI 3.0 BT 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

  • Spin Coating: Coverage of acrylic particles stuck on the surface of the paddle, to provide a greater effect on the ball on the shots where it should be given maximum effect, especially designed for aggressive players in their game.

  • Fiber SS Glass: Drop Shot uses SS Glass quality, which is a stronger and more elastic fiberglass, providing improved strength and playability.

  • Designed In EU: Designed in European Union

  • Twin Tubular System: All our carbon frame blades are manufactured with double tubular carbon fabrics pre-impregnated with resins of maximum durability, giving homogeneity in all areas of the face and providing greater rigidity, thus no energy is lost from the shot due to distortion of the frame.

  • Cork Cushion Grip: Anti-vibration system, which combined with the other systems we provide, make our rackets ideal for players who carry chronic injuries. It consists of a cork sheet located in the area of the grip, thus preventing vibrations from reaching the player's hand

  • Cork Rebound Layer: A 1.5 mm cork sheet manufactured with exclusive resins and high-tech materials. For better flexibility, increasing power, greatly reducing vibration and extra strength. Drop Shot exclusively applies this technology since 3 years ago with great success

  • EVA Soft: A Rubber with great elasticity and lightweight, providing more power and a wider sweet spot ,higher durablility and great vibration absorption.

Brand:Drop Shot  Shop Drop Shot on iamBeachTennis.com
Technology:Spin Coating, Expand Holes System, Cork Rebound Layer, Cork Cushion Grip, Twin Tubular System, Designed in EU
Face texture:Rough Spin Coating
Core:EVA Soft 
Thickness/Profile:18 mm
Weight:315 +/- 15 grams
Length:47 cm
Includes Cover:No
Warranty:Manufacturer 4 month limited warranty
About Drop Shot Sports
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Drop Shot is a Spanish Beach Tennis, Padel and Pickleball brand that distributes to over 20 countries. Drop Shot Sports has been designing high-end racquets since 2011. Top professional beach tennis players like World Champion, Nikita Burmakin, and Italian star, Nicole Nobile, play with Drop Shot.