Flow ASTRA FULL CARBON Beach Tennis Paddle



Flow Beach Tennis 2023 ASTRA FULL CARBON Beach Tennis Paddle

Meet Flow Best Seller Racket: Astra Special Edition Paddle, the new version got better, prettier and even more durable. Made of Superior Carbon Fiber and it's unique iridescent finish on Flow logo, it's finally time to rebound all smashes and lobbies like a pro.

Designed to be a medium balance racket, most instructors that tried and tested it, highlighted it's "evenly" weight distribution throughout the racket, which gives a solid balance between, control, power and comfort.

Flow Astra Racket was designed to be suitable for beginners and intermediate players.

Paddle Characteristics: Flow ASTRA FULL CARBON 2023 Beach Tennis Paddle

  • Product Type: Beach Tennis Paddle
  • Level: Beginners/Intermediate
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Thickness: 22 mm
  • Surface: Gloss with thin grains applied for extra spin
  • Frame: Carbon
  • Face: Carbon
  • Balance: Medium to High
  • Weight: 330g

Technologies of the Flow ASTRA FULL CARBON Beach Tennis Paddle

Technology: Spin Coating
Brand:Flow Beach Tennis  Shop Flow Beach Tennis on iamBeachTennis.com
Level:Beginner / Intermediate
Balance:Medium High
Technology:Spin Coating
Face texture:Rough  - Micro Sanded
Core:EVA Soft 
Thickness/Profile:22 mm
Weight:325 +/- 0 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:No
About Flow Beach Tennis
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Flow Beach Tennis ™ is an American Brand, from Florida, USA.

One day “avid beachgoer” Chris looked in the mirror and had an awakening: She looked like the biggest former active sports girl in the world. Going to the gym became boring, running was too much for her knees and tennis would require her new lungs. “What the f*** am I doing right now?” she wondered.

After being dragged by her friends to try a new thing called beach tennis, it was love at first sight.

Flow was born and raised to be an universal brand, to get you to experience what Flow's founder experienced and become an avid beach tennis player!