Flow Visor



Flow Beach Tennis / Pickleball / Padel Art Visor

  • UV +30 protection: The hat is designed to provide a high level of UV protection, with a UPF rating of 30 or higher, to keep you safe from harmful UV rays while playing beach tennis.

  • Moisture-Wicking Mesh Interior Forehead Band: The hat has a moisture-wicking mesh interior forehead band that helps to keep your forehead dry and comfortable, even during intense beach tennis matches.

  • Sun Visor Flow: The hat features a sun visor flow that helps to keep you cool and comfortable by allowing air to flow through the hat, reducing heat buildup.

  • Lightweight and durable: This hat is designed to be lightweight and durable, making it perfect for long beach tennis matches.

  • Elastic strap: The hat features an adjustable strap that allows you to customize the fit to your head, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

  • High-quality material: The hat is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that it will last for a long time.

  • Stylish design: The hat has a stylish design that will make you look great on the beach tennis court.

About Flow Beach Tennis
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Flow Beach Tennis β„’ is an American Brand, from Florida, USA.

One day β€œavid beachgoer” Chris looked in the mirror and had an awakening: She looked like the biggest former active sports girl in the world. Going to the gym became boring, running was too much for her knees and tennis would require her new lungs. β€œWhat the f*** am I doing right now?” she wondered.

After being dragged by her friends to try a new thing called beach tennis, it was love at first sight.

Flow was born and raised to be an universal brand, to get you to experience what Flow's founder experienced and become an avid beach tennis player!