FlowerFlex No More Sweaty Hands - hand drying gel



FlowerFlex No More Sweaty Hands - hand drying gel

FlowerFlex hand drying gel for Padel, Tennis, Beach Tennis and Pickleball, the ultimate solution to keep your hands clean and dry anytime, anywhere.

  • Rapid Drying, absorbed instantly, leaving your hands soft and dry within seconds.
  • Protection and Cleanliness: not only dries your hands but also helps eliminate germs and bacteria, providing complete hygiene anytime, anywhere
  • Suitable for sports use

No matter where you are, with powereflex Drying Gel your hands will be ready in the blink of an eye. Discover the convenience and effectiveness of our Hand Drying Gel today!"

Instructions for use: Apply and spread a thin layer on the palm of the hand and let it dry for 20/30 seconds only

  • Made in USA
  • Clear Formula
  • 50ml 1.69oz

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