Heroe's BT #DRAGON 2022 Beach Tennis Racket



Heroe's BT #DRAGON 2022 Professional Beach Tennis Racquet

DRAGON is a racquet designed to be used by experienced players who prefer a racket with excellent control in defense and attack. ItĀ uses a frame with a new central bridge structure that stiffens andĀ makes the game aggressive. The face is made of 15K carbon, theĀ interior is made of EVA G7 and the frame is 100% carbon fiber with aĀ thickness 20 mm.

MSRP: $340

*This product is ineligible for shipping to Brazil.


Technologies of the Heroe's BT #DRAGON 2022 Beach Tennis Racket

Technology: Medium Hard Flexibility
Brand:Heroe's Brand Italia  Shop Heroe's Brand Italia on iamBeachTennis.com
Level:Professional / Advanced
Balance:Medium High
Technology:Medium Hard Flexibility
Face:Carbon 15K 
Face texture:Rough 
Core:EVA G7 
Thickness/Profile:20 mm
Weight:340 +/- 10 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:Yes
Warranty:Manufacturer 14 day limited warranty*
About Heroe's Brand Italia
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Heroe's Beach Tennis is an Italian brand.

Founded in Italy, Heroeā€™s has rapidly become one of the world's leading beach tennis & padel brands. Heroeā€™s shares your passion and commitment to beach tennis and strives to evolve your game to the next level by offering innovative, top of the line and stylish beach tennis rackets, clothing and accessories. Top professional players likeĀ Mattia Spoto,Ā Doriano Beccaccioli, Giulia Gasparri and Ninny ValentiniĀ play with Heroeā€™s. Play harder with Heroeā€™s !