Hesacore Pickleball TOUR GRIP CARBON



Hesacore TOUR CARBONĀ Pickleball Under Grip

The HesacoreĀ is a rubber grip that goes on the handle of theĀ Pickleball racket or Paddle underneath your regular grip. Designed to improve your game. With a better "grip"Ā you will have more punching power, more control over the racket and greater comfort in your hands.Ā 

  • Creates padding for better grip fit
  • Reduces pain in the fingers
  • Reduces pressure in the muscles of the hands, wrist and forearm
  • Helps eliminate vibration
  • Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Made in Italy
About Hesacore
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Founded in Spain.

Hesacore's primary focus is on developing innovative products that provide athletes with better grip, comfort, and performance.

Ā  Hesacore flagship grip, is made from a unique combination of carbon and polymer fibers and is designed to reduce stress on the hand, wrist, and elbow.

Hesacore is committed to producing high-quality, high-performance sports equipment athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide.