Mormaii Samantha Barijan 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle

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Mormaii Samantha Barijan 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Racket / Raquete

The Samantha Barijan racket is made with FACE in KEVLAR, has 28 holes and is ideal for players who like light racket, but excellent control and power in blows. It also absorbs impacts and protects joints and muscles. It serves players of all levels well, from beginner to professional.

  • EVA SOFT WHITE : low impact and high resilience
  • DRILLING: 2 rows of holes
  • RACQUET FEATURE: control and power.
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Level:Professional / Advanced
Core:EVA Soft
Face texture:Rough, 3D Face
Thickness/Profile:20 mm
Weight:320 +/- 10 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:Yes
About Mormaii
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Mormaii is a Brazilian beach tennis brand.

Mormaii history begins on the beautiful beaches of South Brazil in the early 1970's, founded by the doctor and surfer Morongo. A new brand comes up with roots in surfing, but with a greater objective: the search for quality of life. Currently, the brand is recognized by more than a hundred products that meet the categories Surf, Swimming, Diving, Beach Tennis, Skate, Fitness, Beachwear, Bicycles, Sunglasses, Watches and slippers, making Mormaii the largest and most beloved brand of outdoor sports in Brazil.