Paar ID Kevlar 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle with GLIPPER



PAAR ID 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Racket

PAAR ID Racket has been developed with the latest technology for players that practice the sport regularly and are searching for a high performance product.

With exclusive design that provides EVA technology within all its core length, it enables striking the ball through its face as well as its core.

PAAR ID Racket is manufactured with Kevlar, to provide the match between speed and power in attacks. Easy to control plays, comfortable to balance and control hard strike plays.

100% carbon structure provides greater strength to the racket, for a high play performance And SPINNING FACE process leaves racket with texture, enabling producing spins as you strike the ball.

GLIPPER is a professional grit treatment added to the face of the paddle.

Racket comes in retail packaging with cover bag and 2 grips.


Technologies of the Paar ID Kevlar 2023 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle with GLIPPER

Technology: GLIPPER
Brand:PAAR Beach Tennis  Shop PAAR Beach Tennis on
Level:Professional / Advanced
Balance:Medium High  - 26.5 cm
Technology: GLIPPER
Face texture:Grit - Glipper 
Core:EVA Soft 
Thickness/Profile:20 mm
Weight:335 +/- 5 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:Yes
About PAAR
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Founded in Portugal in 2022. PAAR is a young company, DEDICATED AND PASSIONATE about what they do. Founded in 2022 in Portugal, to serve the sports segment in the Padel and Beach Tennis areas. PAAR purpose is to spread these sports around the world by offering products with the highest technology and design. PAAR products are developed for athletes who seek speed, adventure and fun, and who want to connect with the feeling of freedom during movement in each play. PAAR is a brand that runs in the veins