Pikkl GEL-GRIP - Single Grip

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Pikkl GEL-GRIP - Single Grip

PIKKL Gel-Grip is made from a proprietary TPE Elastomer that provides extra cushioning and vibration damping for all paddle types.

Designed to be installed under PIKKL Overgrips, Gel-Grip provides an effective barrier between your hand and the paddle that helps reduce vibrations from every ball strike.

Patent Pending.

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PIKKL was founded in the USA

PIKKL was born from our unwavering desire to bring pro-level equipment to every pickleball player. From day one, PIKKL goal has been clear: every game inspired, exceptional performance unlocked.

PIKKL mission is to provide professional quality products that transform gameplay and bring a modern style to the court. Designed with cutting-edge technology to deliver the perfect balance of power, control, spin, and durability, our paddles inspire excellence in every player. Whether you’re new to Pickleball or a seasoned pro, your winning edge starts here.