Quicksand Q1 GREEN 2022 Beach Tennis Racket



The Quicksand Q1 GREEN beach tennis racket. Suitable for those who want to start in the sport or looking for a low-cost paddle, without leaving quality aside. The 22mm frame is made of 70% FIBERGLASS at the ends and 30% CARBON at the heart of the racket, precisely where reinforcement is needed for extra strength, greater durability and less vibration. It uses WHITE SOFT EVA, a low density soft inner foam, which provides more comfort and control for your game. The racket face has a special rough surface that promotes better performance of some hits, such as smash and serve.

The Quicksand Q1 racket is available in 4 colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow

Brand:Quicksand Beach Tennis  Shop Quicksand Beach Tennis on iamBeachTennis.com
Level:Beginner / Intermediate
Balance:Medium - 25.5 cm
Technology:Frame Composition: 70% Fiberglass / 30% Carbon fiber
Frame:Fiberglass & Carbon
Core:EVA Soft - White
Face texture:Rough
Thickness/Profile:22 mm
Weight:335 +/- 10 grams
Grip:4-1/4" - Grip 2
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:No
Warranty:90 days against manufacturing defects