Rokne TOURNAMENT Paddle Bag



Rokne TOURNAMENT Paddle Bag - BLACK and Yellow

The ROKNE Pickleball Tournament Bag is perfect for players who are looking for a comfortable and durable bag to transport everything required for a weekend of intense pickle competition. Constructed of vegan leather and high quality zippers, this bag is the accessory that ensures your equipment will get to where it needs to go. Utilized to its fullest, the bag is approximately 14 inches wide and comfortably fits up to 10 paddles, balls and sneakers. With 6 zippered compartments, you can also make sure everything is in its place and not have to rummage through the bag to find your keys.


  • VENTILATED SHOE COMPARTMENT: Pack up your sneaks and air them out in the ventilated shoe compartment.

  • WATER RESISTANT COMPARTMENTS: Pack your cold water bottle without worry as the water resistant side compartments will prevent condensation and small spills from spreading into bigger messes.

  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: The padded straps and ergonomically friendly design make lugging your equipment a breeze. (Carry in hand or wear as a backpack.)

  • EASY TO FIND: Forget where you put your bag? No problem. You won't have trouble finding this bag! The cool and bright design stands out in the crowd and is easy to spot, even if you're searching four courts over. :)-

Weight ? kg
Dimensions L 23" x W 14" x H 13"
Color Black with Yellow Trim
Material PU Leather