Royal Padel Super Evo Art Professional Beach Tennis Paddle



Royal Padel Beach Tennis Racket Super Evo Art

Bidirectional Double Tube, 100% Carbon and Fiberglass – Shock Absorption System


  • SUPER EVO PRO BY ROYAL PADEL – This lightweight racket with soft core provides a soft touch and shock absorption with excellent control, additionally the carbon fiber gives enormous power
  • SHOCK ABSORTION SYSTEM – The Royal Padel rackets are designed using innovative technology. The brand has developed the Shock Absorption system that reduces the vibrations produced by the impact of the ball, avoiding possible injuries
  • POWER AND PRECISION – Ideal for expert/competition level players. The use of the rough honeycomb screen on the surface of the racket provides a total grip and ease for the effects of the ball
  • RESISTANT MATERIAL – The racket is made of 100% carbon, aramides (kevlar / twaron), titanium dioxide, fiber, and glass fabric, providing lightness, resistance, and greater durability
  • HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEED – Each racket has been tested to make sure it truly meets the requirements of expert players, preventing injuries and helping you improve your performance
Brand:Royal Padel 
Level:Intermediate / Advanced
Face texture:
Weight:300 +/- 0 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:Yes
About Royal Padel

Royal Padel was founded in 1991 in Spain.

Since 1991 Royal Padel Sportsystems has marketed the ROYAL PADEL paddle brand, one of the pioneers in Spain.

Royal Padel padel rackets are recognized with prestige among the most experienced players in Spain and has a remarkable position of being amongst the best padel racket brands in the world.