Selkirk Tacky Grip Pickleball Towel



Selkirk Sport Tacky Grip Pickleball Towel

Better control, better grip, and better performance. Use the Selkirk Sport Tacky Grip Pickleball Towel to give you and your paddle the grip you need.

  • Clean: uses a non-toxic formula that's safe for use on skin
  • Won't Stain: no need to worry about unsightly marks or yellowing
  • Repels Moisture: makes hands and grips water-resistant upon use
  • No Lingering Sticky Feel: no leftover residue or waxy build up

*Please apply sparingly on initial use to become accustomed to the product.*

About Selkirk Sport
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Selkirk Sport is a Pickleball Brand founded in 2014 in Idaho, USA.

Selkirk Sport is the brainchild of Mike, Rob, and Jim Barnes. Two brothers and a father embarked on their dream to create the market leader in pickleball paddle innovation and technology. Together with their families, the Barnes have strived to embody the core principles they have rooted into their business mission: uncompromising quality. Not only does this apply to delivering the foremost in creative excellence through high-performance equipment, Selkirk Sport strives to improve the pickleball community as a whole. We establish and promote the genuine integrity of the family-oriented, close-knit community that is at the heart of pickleball. As we promote the sport, we redefine the way the world views pickleball and inspire every generation to participate.