Sxy GREEN SIRF Beach Tennis Paddle

$89.10 $99.00


SEXY Brand GREEN SIRF Beach Tennis Racket

Power: 8 || Control: 6 || Defense: 6

Engineered for the beginner player, this paddle has a super softcore that helps guide the ball no matter where it's hit on the paddle. Our new "S" hole design with an inverted center hole structure provides a very even and wide sweet-spot to provide players with more accuracy. The new 3k carbon frame structure provides a solid structure to pop the ball back over the net with ease.

Comes with a pre-applied layer of grit. 

Technologies Inside The SXY GREEN SIRF Beach Tennis Paddle

  • CORE: Mid Soft EVA - high quality long lasting core, no dead spots like many of the competing brands at this price!  Plus a great pop & all-around feel.

  • SXY Power ORB & Convex Hole System: Single-row concave hole system allows for consistency and control across a wider sweet spot while providing more power for offensive attacks.

  • Frame: 15% Carbon 85% Fiberglass

Brand:Sexy Beach Tennis  Shop Sexy Beach Tennis on
Balance:Medium  - 26 cm
Technology:SXY Power ORB & Convex Hole System
Frame:Carbon & Fiberglass
Core:EVA Mid Soft
Face texture:Grit
Thickness/Profile:20 mm
Weight:355 +/- 5 grams
Length:50 cm
Includes Cover:No