Sexy Limited Edition - The Tropical S Ball in Atomic Orange - ITF APPROVED



The Limited Edition Tropical S Ball, just as our Original S Ball, was developed with one focus in mind, to build the only true beach tennis ball in the world!

No more heavy paddles needed to control and master the game. The S Ball uses a proprietary mix of rubber and felt along with a new weight distribution in order to make this ball much more rally friendly, leading the S Ball to help reduce shoulder and elbow issues too.

There is no better tournament ball in the world. Don’t get stuck playing with a heavy 10 and under tennis ball when you can use the superior S Ball made specifically for the sport of beach tennis!!


  • 65mm
  • 38-39g
  • Stage 2 Tennis Ball
  • 100% Polyester Felt
  • APPROVED by the ITF for Tournament Play
About Sexy Brand
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Founded by beach tennis players who are passionate for the sport. Sexy Brand is an American beach tennis brand from California. Recognized as The Choice of World Champions. Sexy paddles are made with the players in mind and developed along side the best players in the World.

Sexy Brand is on a mission to change how the world perceives and uses the word Sexy. They believe true sexy comes from within and is about substance rather than quick judgements or physician appearance. Sexy means: healthy, compassionate, intelligent, joyful, humorous, talented, humble, athletic, creative, optimistic, inspiring, sustainable. Top Professional players like Tommaso Giovannini, Marco Garavini, Sofia Cimatti, Alessandro Calbucci play with Sexy Brand paddles.