Sexy Limited Edition - The Tropical S Ball in Guava Green - ITF APPROVED



The Limited Edition Tropical S Ball, just as our Original S Ball, was developed with one focus in mind, to build the only true beach tennis ball in the world!

No more heavy paddles needed to control and master the game. The S Ball uses a proprietary mix of rubber and felt along with a new weight distribution in order to make this ball much more rally friendly, leading the S Ball to help reduce shoulder and elbow issues too.

There is no better tournament ball in the world. Don’t get stuck playing with a heavy 10 and under tennis ball when you can use the superior S Ball made specifically for the sport of beach tennis!!


  • 65mm
  • 38-39g
  • Stage 2 Tennis Ball
  • 100% Polyester Felt
  • APPROVED by the ITF for Tournament Play