Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Outdoor PPA Tour Pickleball



Vulcan Sporting Goods VPRO FLIGHT Outdoor PPA Tour Pickleball

Debuting at the January 2024 PPA Masters in Palm Springs, the Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Pickleball is now the “Official Ball of the PPA Tour,” the new standard, and the most important ball in the sport.

After extensive engineering analysis and play-testing by the PPA and the world’s most elite pro players, Vulcan’s new ball emerged as the clear winner among every ball in the market. It is the choice of professionals, because it plays the best.

Hurry, because the new VPRO FLIGHT is available right now only in limited quantities. The official launch is March 2024, with all-new PPA Pro Tour branding, and with exciting next-level packaging that pushes the sport further.

The Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT is fast-and-lively, hard-yet-resilient, and possesses great feel, consistent aerodynamic flight, perfect bounce, and excellent spin-performance. And in speedups and hand battles, which have gotten increasingly shorter and less enjoyable with today’s hot paddles, the Vulcan ball ensures that the better player wins.

For pro players, the ball checks all of the boxes, and helps pros play their game in the most competitive and entertaining way, which advances the sport for everyone in the right direction.

Official Ball of the 2024 PPA Tour

Technical Specifications:

  • Average Weight: 0.92 oz
  • Diameter: 2.87"
  • Bounce Height:33.5"
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Vulcan Sporting Goods Co. is an American brand.

Founded in 2015, Vulcan Sporting Goods Co.™ is committed to merging style with innovation, starting with the "Old Glory" pattern. They focus on producing fresh, aesthetically relevant products to enable athletes to express their style and personality while enhancing performance. Vulcan prioritizes innovations that provide athletes with a competitive edge, exemplified by their advanced grip technology, which includes lay flat edge technology, VULCAN ADVANCED LOGIC™ polymer, and a patented maze pattern for superior grip. As a division of Tanners Team Sports Inc., Vulcan continues to innovate in pickleball, baseball, and softball equipment.